Brugada Syndrome and Sudden cardiac death

Brugada Syndrome and Sudden cardiac death

There are 30,000 cases of sudden cardiac death each year in Spain, and many millions worldwide. 80% of cases occur in individuals over 35 with some sort of existing cardiac disease. The main cause is ischemic cardiopathology, caused by the obstruction of the coronary arteries. Obesity, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, arterial hypertension, tobacco use and a sedentary lifestyle are the main risk factors for this lethal disease

Fortunately, research into these diseases has allowed for the discovery of hundreds of genes associated with sudden cardiac death. Great strides are being made in diagnosis and prevention.

There is a genetic disorder which causes sudden death known as Brugada Syndrome. They have entirely normal electrocardiograms or display a pattern which is very difficult for specialists to interpret without in-depth knowledge of the syndrome. Brugada Syndrome is a condition associated with sudden death. However, once it has been diagnosed, it is relatively simple to control. This condition has a significant genetic load. All the members of a family with a history of sudden death should be examined.

This condition is responsible for between 4% and 12% of all the sudden deaths which occur in the world. The syndrome generally appears in adults, on average at 40 years of age, although cases in 2-year-old children and 74-year old men have been witnessed."

If you want to know more about Brugada syndrome, visit the Brugada Foundation

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